We encourage every child to find their niche in our school and become a part of one of the programs or activities being offered. We feel that by encouraging children to explore opportunities for growth and learning we are best preparing them to leave the school environment and enter the society.

We ask you to support your child in finding activities that best meet their needs and interests. Parents are also an active part of our activities here at Orchidea international school and we invite you to be a part of the programming here as much as you are able and welcome your participation in our activities at whatever level you choose.

The clubs and activities listed in this guide are clubs available to the students at the school. The clubs and activities offered in any given year are determined by faculty sponsorship and interest. Clubs are subject to cancelation based upon attendance. In order to provide an enriching environment, some clubs may require a small fee. 

Attendance is mandatory for all clubs. Students, who have two unexcused absences from a club, will be dropped from the club.





Children can join to different projects, competitions. They can use the different given materials the help of which the can creat beautiful work of arts. During the Art Club we draw, paint, create sculptures, ceramics by the use of a variety of materials.



Students learn modern dance and have the opportunity to show their performance at the end of the year ceremony.








The aim of the club is to improve students' knowledge of the Turkish language. Reading dialogues, listening, comprehension exercises, practice reading and writing are the subjects of Turkish club.

Games and activities, presentations, video shows, movies, preparing flash cards to improve vocabulary, memorizing Turkish poems and songs, playing word searches are just some examples of the many fun activities of the Turkish club.





Football Club is held in the school where the children are in two groups according to their age.    Footballer





Ceramics Club is held in the school where the children use their fantasy to create beautiful works of art.Their creations are burnt out in the school’s oven and we organising exhibitions to show these wonderful works. 










 Ebru Club is held in the school where students can get knowledge about the Turkish marble painting and  can paint beautiful pictures. 







    Drama Icon 



 Children from lower and upper grades learnt two plays whaat they can perform at the end of the    semester and end of the year ceremonies. 



The Chess Club started in October 2013 with the help of Zsuzsanna Várnai. chessStudent learn the basic rules, steps of chess, they practice and even get homeworkonce a week. The aim of chess teaching is to develop the logical thinking skills,and their concentration. We have 12 students from the lower grades and Bence Makai has private lessons (coach Tibor Benyeda) because he is an official player of the team MLTC.

The Chess Club is held in the school by Csaba Horváth Fide Masternominee, who is more time European and National champion as a coach.




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